ISLAMABAD - Washington and Islamabad have intensified efforts to break grounds that the two estranged strategic allies could resume the Strategic Dialogue Process that remains in taters for three major issues. According to well-placed diplomatic and military sources, both Washington and Islamabad are engaged in finalising dates to resume the full spectrum Strategic Dialogue that remains suspended because of Pakistans deep concerns about US actions. There are three critical issues that Islamabad wishes to be addressed by the US ahead of resumption of the Strategic Dialogue Process. These are core issues pertaining to sovereignty of Pakistan, the sources said. And these include immediate halt in the CIA executed drone attacks, details of the CIA operatives in Pakistan and US raid in Abbottabad on May 2 in which al-Qaeda Chief Osma bin Laden was reportedly killed. The sources were of the view that until and unless these issues were resolved, resumption of Strategic Dialogue between the two estranged allies may be delayed for indefinite period. The sources also conceded that some ice had thawed between the two countries during the recent visit of US Secretary of States Hilary Clinton but that only helped in improving the trust deficit between Islamabad and Washington. They explained that on US drones strikes, Pakistan has been against these especially after the elected government came into power in 2008 and since then has been demanding command and control of the US drones operations. However, despite the two explicit resolutions unanimously adopted by the Parliament, there has been no let-up in the US drones strikes thus widely creating the impression that US drone operations were perhaps continuing with the consent of the PPP-led ruling coalition. But despite the last resolution unanimously adopted by the Parliament on May 13, the US drone attacks continued unabated and the government has failed in responding those with cutting of the NATO/ISAF supplies from Pakistan as one of the potential options recommended by the sovereign Parliament. Islamabad wants deeper understanding with Washington over this issue before the two allies resume the strategic dialogue process, the sources said, adding that Pakistans leadership had taken up very clearly with Hilary Clinton the issue of sovereignty. Until and unless US addresses Pakistans concern relating to its sovereignty, state of bilateral cooperation between the two countries might not improve to fullest level, sources said, adding this is the state of affairs despite frequent high profile visits from the US dignitaries to Pakistan.