LAHORE The electricity demand on Tuesday reached 17,018MW resulting 2,360MW shortfall in the National Grid and about five to six hours loadshedding in the major cities of the country. Electricity supply and demand gas had remained low (between 500MW to 1000MW) during last two-week especially which according to the PEPCO officials was the result of the better oil and gas supply and fall in demand due to weather conditions. However, they added, as the heat increased the electricity demand also went up during last two days. According to the Pakistan Electric Power Company the total generation from all the sources on Tuesday was 14,658MW. The official said the oil and gas supply to IPPs and GENCOs was constant and overall generation situation was satisfactory, the added. The PEPCO stated the hydel generation 5,648MW while the Company owned GENCOs produced 1,878MW for the energy basket. The IPPs and RPPs generated electricity 6,982MW and 150MW respectively while the KESC was given 690MW form the PEPCO quota during the period.