ISLAMABAD - Over 34,000 employees working under the projects of National Education Foundation and National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) across the country are about to lose their jobs despite repeated claims of Chairman Implementation Commission that no employee would be rendered jobless. The Council of Common Interest (CCI) in a meeting held on June 1 had decided to wind up National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) and National Education Foundation (NEF) and their projects as well that are being run in provinces if the provincial governments do not agree to adopt the projects. However, the projects would keep functioning in ICT and other federally administered areas. The provinces were asked either to give salaries of three years in advance for the organisations or adopt the projects but the provinces are not in a position to adjust thousands of employees or give them salaries in advance thus both the institutions have been conveyed that after June 30 the projects of NEF and NCHD would be considered dissolved if provinces do not agree. The officials of both the organisations complained, The responsibility to negotiate with the provincial government has been put on our shoulders, how can we go to every provincial government and convince them to continue the projects. According to officials the government cannot layoff the employees under the 18th Amendment as time and again the Chairman Implementation Commission Raza Rabbani has ensured that no employee would be put in the surplus pool while in this case thousands of employees are going to be jobless. NEF officials informed that the functions of Foundation would be completely wind-up while the projects would be limited to functioning in ICT, G-B and FATA and the projects implemented in the provinces would be completely ceased to functioning owing to provinces refusal to run them. One of the major project is Basic Education Community Schools Projects (BECS) and as per decision about 18000 employees across the country would be rendered jobless due to the decision. The project was initiated in 1994 to impart informal education to children of far-flung areas where traditional schools never existed and about six lac children were enrolled in them. Its important to be mentioned here that, though, it was a useful project but it was not functioning properly and the teachers were never paid salaries for the last six months. And the MD of the Foundation Kamaran Zafar was involved in corruption, illegal appointments and in other illegalities. Likewise, more than 16,000 people will become jobless and over 5,000 children will be deprived of education studying in the primary schools being run by NCHD due to its closure in 144 districts. According to them this is a complete negation of Article 25-A of Constitution under which the state is responsible to provide free education to all children at the age of five to sixteen years and it would also be impossible to achieve Millennium Development Goals for formal schools if the Commission is wind-up. NCHD, a public private partnership model, was established in 2002 with the mandate to promote human development by supporting government line departments, non-governmental organisations and elected officials at the district level in primary education, literacy, income generating activities and provision of basic healthcare services. NCHD supported the government in enrolling 11.56 million out-of-school children of age 5-7 years; established 13,068 community feeder schools to provide access and cater for increased enrolment, provided 4,719 feeder teachers in government schools, provided training to 146,225 government teachers on quality education. The Commission also established 145,411 adult literacy centres, where 3.2 million learners were imparted functional literacy; 95 percent of whom were females. NCHD also trained 13 million women in primary healthcare and screened over 2 million children in the primary schools for eyesight and hearing. According to its officials winding up of NCHD would be a big blow to the cause of education as Pakistan is already lagging behind in achieving Education For All and literacy targets Its important to be mentioned that the employees of NCHD and NEF have already started protests in different districts across the country against the decision and in the Capital also they are going to start a protest campaign.