The US is shredding our sovereignty to pieces, through a vastly accelerated pace of drone attacks and other violations. In answer to all this, like before, our Prime Minister has stated once more that he is trying to resolve the issue of drone attacks through diplomatic means, which perhaps amounts to conveying our reservations to the US ambassador. Dialogue with anyone higher than that level seems to end up just being a monologue, with the US officials dictating and our leaders taking the dictation, submitting obediently, fearing that the slightest disobedience could perhaps start a full-fledged war with the US which they have already declared they cant fight, much less win. Our officials not only seem to think this way but also say so openly, and confirm also by their passivity, which only encourages the Americans to become ever more belligerent, in the safe knowledge that they have nothing to worry about and in no way have to restrict their freedom of action. Completing five years seems to have become such a sacred duty of the government that no other issue merits serious attention. In any case, adverse results of indiscriminate drone strikes, like retaliatory suicide and other attacks have to be faced by the general public and personnel of law enforcement agencies, and are not a headache of our high officials who enjoy fool-proof, round the clock security. As for the fear of an all out war with the US, may I remind our leaders that the US leaders do not enjoy perfect freedom to start any major offensive. Costly Iraq misadventure coupled with the ailing US economy and a huge debt burden, have made the American public and their government apprehensive of new misadventures. This is what forced Barack Obama to give a withdrawal schedule while announcing 30,000 extra troops for Afghanistan. There was also talk whether Obama should be impeached for starting UN-approved Libyan operation without congressional approval which forced the US to transfer the command to NATO in great haste. In these circumstances, there is just no risk that the US could start a full-fledged war with Pakistan, more so when it desperately needs our cooperation. However, if we are willing to surrender completely and utterly, there is no reason why they would not take advantage of that by increasing pressure on us all the time. I remember at its peak, there were 525,000 and according to some accounts 550,000 US soldiers fighting Vietnam war, but still they suffered a humiliating defeat. Even the irregulars in Iraq put up a tough fight, killing 4,459 US soldiers, including five felled on June 6. The US constantly accused Iranians of interfering in Iraq but dared not send their drones or commandos to Iran, because they knew Iran would retaliate and the US just could not afford to open another front. And here we are, with the largest, well-trained and reasonably equipped force, and the only nuclear power, in the Muslim world, displaying extreme helplessness and cowardice in facing up to the Americans and allowing them to treat us all as absolute dirt, fearing that the slightest resistance on our part will start a war with the US which by all counts, the US is in no position of waging. S.R.H. HASHM, Karachi, June7.