Iran aims to sharply increase its production of nuclear fuel this year and move some uranium enrichment to a site that had been secret until 2009, news agencies reported Wednesday, citing state media. The Iranian government plans to triple its output of enriched uranium and will transfer some production from its Natanz site to the newer Fordow site, the head of Irans atomic energy agency, Fereydoon Abbasi, told IRIB television after a cabinet meeting in Tehran. Iran only acknowledged the existence of the site, built underground in a mountain near the holy city of Qom, in September 2009, after Western spy agencies learned of its location. Mr. Abbasi said uranium would be enriched to 20 percent purity at the Fordow site, with enrichment continuing at Natanz until production was fully functioning. He said the transfer would be carried out under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Control of nuclear material is one of the cornerstones of the agencys safeguards against the proliferation of nuclear weapons.