MIRPUR (AJK) - Central Chief organizer of the incumbent ruling All Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference Fida Hussain Kiyani here Tuesday targeted PML-N Qaid Nawaz Sharif with severe criticism describing him the product of martial law of late dictator President Gen Ziaul Haq and Lt-Gen Ghulam Jillani. Addressing news conference at Kashmir Press Club here, the MC leader said that by launching the branch of his party PML-N in AJK, Sharif openly betrayed the sayings of father of the nation late Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who always described Muslim Conference as the substitute of his Muslim League in Jammu & Kashmir before and after the parturition in 1947. Fida Kiyani asserted that his party will emerge as the single majority party with the land-slide victory in the scheduled June 26 general elections to the Azad Jammu Kashmir legislative assembly. Kiyani was flanked by senior local Muslim Conference leaders including former city Administrator Abdul Qayyum Qamar, city unit President Khawaja Sajid Pehelwan, Aslam Butt, Shakoor Mughal and others. Fida Kiyani said that his party fielded its candidates in 35 out of 41 electoral constituencies of AJK Legislative assembly which include 29 constituencies in AJK and 12 meant for Jammu & Kashmir refugees settled in various parts of Pakistan. He said that in remaining six constituencies, the MC has reached in direct or indirect alliances with some like-minded religious and moderate political groups including some individual candidates. The CCO of the Muslim Conference revealed that a broad-based and integrated strategy has been devised to make the Muslim Conference successful in the AJK elections. In this connection various committees comprising senior leaders belonging to legal and other professions have been constituted to gear up and monitor the election campaign for the Muslim Conference candidates in all electoral constituencies. To a question, he pointed out that his All Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference has already categorically announced its support to the PPPs candidate and the partys AJK unit President Ch Abdul Majeed in the scheduled June 26 AJK Legislative Assembly elections in his (Majeed) parent electoral constituency in Mirpur LA - II (Islamgarh Chakswari). He said that various MC leaders from this electoral constituency including the former Coordinator to AJK Prime Minister for overseas Kashmiris Raja Nijabat Hussain and others had tabled their proposal for supporting Ch Majeed in view of the lack of the availability of any strong candidate of the Muslim Conference in the aforesaid electoral constituency LA-II Mirpur, he added. Without naming the PML-N candidate and former top Muslim Conference leader and former minister Capt (r) Sarfraz Khan as well as several other leaders of the Muslim Conference including former Prime minister Sardar Sikander Hayat Khan and Raja Farooq Haider former speaker Shah Ghulam Qadir, former minister and MLA Arshad Mahmood Ghazi and several others, Fida Kiyani said that those who betrayed the Muslim Conference mere for the accomplishment of their vested political interests will not be allowed nor they have right to represent the masses in the forthcoming AJK legislative assembly Rather such vested interest elements would be resorted to a convincing defeat in the polls, he declared. Fida Kiyani said that the candidate of Muslim Conference and ex city mayor Ch. Muhammad Ashraf will resorted to a convincing defeat to his rival candidates especially the closest rival - the former PM Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry in the scheduled June 26 elections from Mirpur City LA-III constituency.