ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources is taking solid steps to ensure adequate supply of petroleum products throughout the country, especially in Punjab. A ministry's spokesman said here on Tuesday the total demand of petrol in the country was about 7,000 tons per day out of which Punjab's share was about 3,000 tons. The spokesman said the demand was being met through local refineries that produce around 3,000 tons per day while the rest was met through imports. Punjab's demand was mainly met by Attock Refinery Limited (ARL) (Rawalpindi) and PARCO (Muzaffargarh) and any shortfall was met through imports. The spokesman maintained that on May 22, ARL had to shut down its plattformer unit because of operational emergency resulting in non-availability of petrol from said source. All Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have been advised to rush the product from Karachi and PARCO Refinery to upcountry area to avoid shortages, he added. He said the PARCO Refinery had been requested to operate at full capacity. Likewise, OMCs has been advised to open and operate the depots round the clock. He said PSOCL, which is already regularly supplying petrol in all parts of the country, has been advised to arrange imports of 50,000 tons petrol through gallop tender on emergent basis in addition to regular import of 105,000 tons during the month of June to meet the shortfall created by ARL plattformer shutdown. The ARL has been advised to expedite the repair of plattformer on war footing basis to minimize the closure time, he added. He said the emergent steps in hand are likely to improve the situation by June 15. OGRA has been advised to take action against the Oil Marketing Companies for not meeting storage requirements, he added.