LAHORE PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif has said delay in Abbottabad commission was regrettable, and nobody knew about reluctance of the federal government in actualising the resolution of the Parliament. He was talking to media men at the Gymkhana Cricket Club here on Tuesday. Nawaz reiterated that formation of the Abbottabad commission should have been the first priority of the government. If the suggested commission is not formed, the country and masses will be affected badly, he observed. While bitterly criticising the Centre, he maintained that corrupt forces had made the country a stooge. Sometime, dictatorship is imposed on the people while on other occasion, pseudo democracy is introduced in the name of so-called government of the people, he opined. About the current situation of the country, he observed that the people were suffering from chaos and restlessness and feeling insecure. The people have nothing to do with catchy slogans, rather they wish only peace and tranquillity, progress and prosperity, he added, while terming Punjab governments budget guarantor of peoples welfare.