LAHORE The sole government-run Punjabi FM Radio channel is 'silent owing to unavailability of electricity for the last five days, TheNation learnt here. The FM 95 Punjab Rung, which is widely listened by Punjabi lovers especially its several programmes are discussed with credibility in literary circles, is working under auspices of Punjab Institute of language, Art & Culture. Informed sources told TheNation that the management of the institute had an old dispute with Lahore Electric Supply Company on installing electric transformer. They said that a couple of months back the transformer of PILAC was went off due to an unidentified technical fault resultantly the Lesco installed a new one, asking the administration to get their transformer repaired within a week. But the administration did not bother to pay heed towards the issue, they added. The sources further said the institute had also not paid its electricity bill for the last four months, failing which led to the disconnection of electricity. They said PILAC had enough funds in its account but reluctant to pay the outstanding dues due to unknown reasons. It may be worth mentioning here that the PILAC office is relying upon generator for electricity which caused expenses of approximately Rs 25,000 daily but the administration lavishly spending on this irregular expense, they said. When contacted on her cell phone, PILAC Deputy Director Admin Rizwana Arooj Bhatti said, I am not allowed to give official version on the aforesaid issue by the authority concerned. FM 95 Punjab Rung is the first-ever Punjabi FM radio station established in Pakistan under the administration of Punjabi Institute. Its transmission is mostly broadcasted covering almost 60 kilometres area. The FM 95 has a wide listener ship and majority of people have their fan-following.