LONDON (APP) - Exports from Pakistan to the United Kingdom have increased by 24 per cent and accounted a value of 70.15 million pounds in March 2011 as compared to 56.57 million pounds in the corresponding period up to March 2010. Officials in the commercial wing of Pakistan High Commission said the UK remains among Pakistan's top five export destinations with balance of trade in favour of Pakistan. Officials said the total trade in March, 2011 was recorded at 101.77 million pounds with an increase of 11% as compared to 91.50 million pounds in March, 2010. Pakistan's imports from the United Kingdom amounted to 31.62 million pounds in March, 2011 as compared to 34.92 million pounds in March, 2010 showing a decrease of 9.45%. The significant rise in exports from Pakistan was seen in tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes, sugars and sugar confectionery, lacs, gums, resins & other vegetable saps and extracts, miscellaneous edible preparations, oil seeds & oleaginous fruits, grains & seeds, preparations of cereals, flour, starch or milk, salt sulphur, earths and stone, plastering material, lime, etc.