This is apropos of your news item,three consecutive drone strikes kill 23 people in South Waziristan, published on Monday. The violent killing of innocent peoplein three consecutive unmanned aircraft strikes has yet again perturbedand saddened each and every Pakistani as well as those living abroad.Despite a joint resolution of the parliament, national consensus as wellas Pakistan Air Force stance against these attacks, our government seemsleast concerned to shoot the drones down. Never did history witnesssuch an injustice that the ally in the so-called war on terror, Pakistan,is being invaded and bombarded ruthlessly. There is a perceptionthat militants are also being killed in these attacks, but it is clearlyevident that many of those dying are innocent people, our Muslimbrothers, sisters, women and children. It is clearly imperative thatorders be issued to shoot these aircraft on the 'first sight. ZAHRA SHAH, Karachi, June7.