PARACHINAR (APP) - The Para Chamkani tribesmen of Kurram Agency here Tuesday slammed the brazen attack by Afghan Taliban on peaceful citizen and police force in Upper Dir district a few days ago and demanded NATO, US to ensure prevention of such gory incidents. Para Chamkani tribal jirga led by its Chief Malik Nasrullah Khan, which was attended by eminent tribal elders including Malik Satoray Khan, Malik Gulbaz Khan and Malik Shawali Khan said that infiltration of Afghan Taliban would no more be acceptable and announced top fight shoulder to shoulder with Pakistani forces against afghan Taliban if such incident occurred in future. The Jirga also demanded NATO and US led forces to take cogent measures for halting infiltration of afghan Taliban into Pakistani soil in future as repeat of such incident would tantamount to encouraging militancy. On June 3, about 27 security men besides civilians were martyred when about 300 Afghan Taliban from Kunar province intruded it to Pakistan, attacking a police and Dir Levy check post at Shaltalo in Upper Dir, sparking deadly skirmishes for two days in the remote district of KP. The Jirga said Pakistani forces and tribal people are united to fight militancy and terrorism and such coward acts on part of Afghan Taliban to destroy peace of our country would not be acceptable and will be dealt with iron hands.