LAHORE A traffic warden who was subjected severe torture by the Old Anarkali traders a few days ago for stopping a car carrying a patient, who later died on the spot, was on Tuesday proved innocent during a departmental inquiry. Meanwhile, an FIR (384/11) under sections 382/427, 353/186, 147/149 and 290/291 has been lodged against seven traders. The all have been arrested. Two wardens, including Muhammad Asif (2816/TW) and Hamid Mehmood (2993/TW), were deputed at Traffic Sector, Mall III, when one of them signalled a black Corolla (LED-7856) to stop. The car was carrying five persons including two women and three men (one of them a patient). A 45-year-old patient identified as Falak Sher, a resident of Kadar Gharbi, Tehsil Phalia, Mandi Bahauddin died due to what the victims had claimed negligence of the traffic warden as he had stopped them over traffic violation and issued them a challan. Later, the people mostly the traders gathered on the spot victimized Asif of severe torture. During preliminary inquiry, Asif has been proved innocent while a Regular Inquiry is still underway under the supervision of SP Headquarters Muhammad Maroof Wahla, the Chief Traffic Officer SSP Syed Ahmed Mobin said when contacted. He said after preliminary inquiry the aforesaid FIR was lodged against the traders, who had thrashed my warden. The case was handed over to Civil Lines Police Division SP Investigation Cap (r) Liaqat Ali Malik, with directions to personally supervise the investigation process. Mr. Malik said as, I requested all the media channels to cooperate by providing him TV footages in which Asif was beaten by the people. After precisely viewing the TV footages seven persons were identified, who have been arrested. The arrested accused include: Shahid Masih, son of Chales Masih, Shahid Mehmood, son of Fazl-e-Haq, Khuram Masih, son of Allah Ditta, Norab Khan, son of Naseeb Khan, Muhammad Arif, son of Muhammad Yaseen, Muhammad Farooq, son of Abdul Wahid and Moon Javed, son of Javed Masih. Liaqat Malik said the accused have confessed to their crime of victimizing a warden of severe torture. In fact, when the personnel of law enforcement agency is insecure then how could we provide protective cover to the general public, he commented. He further said the arrested people were traders and used to placed old books nearby the road on which traffic wardens snubbed them doing so. Beating the warden was a retaliatory step, he added. Therefore, justice will be ensured at any cost. The CTO Ahmed Mobin said a few people belonging to trade wing of Anarkali had approached him with request to compromise. According to them, they beaten the traffic warden after their companions lost their senses after listening the news of death due to alleged negligence of traffic warden, he added. Talking to this scribe, SP Headquarters Muhammad Maroof Wahla said: No doubt according to available evidences, the warden is innocent but as the department has held a Regular Inquiry so the statements of other party would be needed before filing the inquiry report. Yes, if the bereaved family gives in written that they dont want to further proceed against Asif then we restore him on his original designation.