NOTTINGHAM - DM - This bizarre chilli-shaped casket is just one of a host of wacky designs commissioned by people keen to make their final farewell one to remember. Other outlandish requests include a shark, a Coca Cola bottle, a Viking boat and even a mobile phone. The chilli pepper is the work of Ghanaian craftsman Paa Joe - whose detailed creations have gone on display around the world. Fantasy coffins -

sometimes known as proverbial coffins - have become a tradition in Ghana, where many people believe in an afterlife and regard deceased ancestors as more powerful than the living. The shape of the caskets often reflect the individual’s profession or links to certain clans.

Paa Joe’s efforts have helped to inspire Nottingham-based Crazy Coffins, which has been supplying caskets shaped like everything from football boots to bottle openers for a quarter of a century.