ISLAMABAD : Engineering Development Board (EDB), Ministry of Industries in collaboration with National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) is holding a workshop on "A viable solution for development of gasifier based on local coal". According to a statement issued by EDB, the seminar would be held on June 11 at NUST, Islamabad. Distinguished academicians, researchers, scientists, economists and industry representatives will speak on the subject and formulate recommendations. EDB has initiated an IRP to establish industry and academia linkages.

Around 1000 scientists and researchers in 308 disciplines from 24 universities have been registered so far in the programme.

As a result of these linkages EDB and NUST have joined hands to overcome the energy crisis in the industrial sector.

Energy shortage has seriously impeded the industrial growth and resultantly the investment in this sector has receded.

Electricity loadshedding and natural gas load management schedule have badly affected the industry. Therefore, it is imperative to shift to suitable alternatives which are affordable, competitive and above all sustainable.

The local industry is using imported gasifiers but unfortunately they are constrained to use imported coal to keep these in operation.

This is empirically affecting the competitiveness of the entire industrial sector and the consumers at large.

The idea of developing a coal gasifier based on indigenous coal was floated by EDB in a joint meeting with Pakistan Iron and Steel Institute (PIASI).

In order to translate this idea into an action, EDB intends to implement the project in two phases.

Phase-I includes the development of a gasifier based on local coal.

This will be the industrial scale pilot project which is intended for use in energy intensive industries like steel, fertilizers, chemicals, ceramics, textiles as a substitute for Gas, Furnace oil and other expensive fuels.

Phase-II of the project will focus on power generation from coal, said a statement.