LAHORE : Power loadshedding has further pushed up prices of generators by 40 per cent to 55 per cent over the last one month. A variety of generators, including those which run on gas and diesel, are available in the market. Gas generators are high in demand because of their low running costs as compared to petrol and diesel generators. Chinese generators are in high demand owing to their comparatively low prices in comparison to Japanese generators. A one KV Chinese generator, enough to power four tube lights and four fans for six hours, is being sold for Rs 14,500 against its previous price of Rs 8,500.

Also, a Japanese generator of the same capacity costs Rs 16,000, which was earlier available for Rs 10,000. Due to their affordable prices and being more fuel efficient, small power generators are considered ideal for middle-income groups.

There are reports that the number of generators, which are replicas of famous brands, flood the market. Dealer at Hall Road said generators that were earlier available at affordable prices had now become very expensive. "The machine has become the need of every consumer, that is why its prices have gone up," he added.