NEW YORK- SS- Princess Diana was allegedly murdered as part of an evil palace plot and top cops at Scotland Yard covered it up.

America’s Globe magazine claims to have details about the death plot, who knew what in the palace and how cops covered it up! Previous reports claimed Diana was allegedly murdered as part of a sinister British plot and her assassins were later killed in a bid to cover up the crime.

An author with close ties to Russian intelligence has made the shocking claims.

According to Globe magazine, the claims have prompted Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton to demand a new probe into the fatal 1997 car crash. Diana died in a car crash inParison31 August 1997at the age of 36.

A new book by investigative writer, John Morgan is out this week and it is alleging that Scotland Yard helped to cover up the murder of Princess Diana. The June 17th print edition of GLOBE has all sorts of behind the scenes information for readers to really dig their teeth into. In Diana Inquest: Corruption at Scotland Yard, Morgan reveals that police commissioners Lord Paul Condon and Lord John Stevens committed perjury at the 2008Londoninquest into the deaths. Morgan shows that Condon and his former assistant Sir David Veness fabricated documentation to support the false inquest testimony of Condon, Stevens and Veness. In other words, it is believed that Diana did not die in some sort of hellacious accident, but was instead murdered by someone on the inside and then it was all covered up so that the truth would never come out, at least until now.