PESHAWAR - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Engineer Shaukatullah on Friday took strong exception to lack of proper healthcare facilities for thousands of patients suffering from Hepatitis B and C of Fata. "Paucity of funds is not an acceptable excuse and there should be an emergent arrangements to save precious lives," he said this while presiding over a presentation on health-oriented issues at the Governor House, Peshawar.

He said that availability of treatment facilities to only 1,234 out of 6,974 Hapatitis-B recorded patients and 991 out of 6,842 Hepatitis-C recorded patients in Fata was indeed a highly sorry-state-of-affairs.

He said that special measures must be taken to help 11,591 patients get treatment facilities but also reach the others who were still to be recorded.

The governor said that aids, malaria and other diseases should also be taken equally important issues.

He said that to get rid of the problems on solid basis, the people should also be taken into confidence about the fatal consequences of the diseases. "Awareness should also be created through both print and electronic media to educate people in this connection," he added. 

Governor also took serious note of non-availability of labs for provision of artificial lambs in all health institutions of tribal agencies and the frontier regions, except Bajaur Agency and desired that it also needed to be taken as a priority segment of future healthcare policies.

He said that working of mobile hospitals in Fata was a timely phenomena and the health system needs to be revamped, strengthened and developed on priority basis to ensure availability of healthcare facilities of the desired level to the respective people.  

The governor, however, acknowledged the compilation of data of the patients suffering from fatal diseases in particular with appreciation and desired to maintain the process on efficient grounds.

Meanwhile, the governor was informed that almost each of the seven tribal agencies and the six frontier regions have been found with patients suffering from Hapatitis B and C diseases and lack of resources especially the paucity of funds is the major hurdle to bring all of them in the network of healthcare facilities.  

Similar is the case in respect of aid, malaria and such like other diseases and the respective department are actively engaged to extend treatment facilities to all of them.

The secretary health and other senior officials of the health services system in Fata briefed the governor about the salient features of the health system.