ISLAMABAD-The capital city has witnessed over 900 cases of heinous crime during the past six months.

According to the statistics available with The Nation, the local police registered 938 cases of different crime, including murder, rape, kidnapping, dacoity/robbery, burglary, theft, vehicle theft and motorcycle theft during the 6-month period starting November 2018. Though the police authorities have claimed significant reduction in the crime rate during the period from November 2018 to April 2019 as compared to November 2017-April 2018, still the number of crime is alarming. The capital city witnesses theft of one motorcycle and vehicle each almost daily.

The data reveals that the police registered 53 cases of murder, 145 cases of zina/kidnapping, 183 of dacoity, 124 of burglary and 185 cases of theft at different police stations of the capital city during the said period. The police also witnesses 104 cases of vehicle theft and 144 cases of motorcycle theft during the same period.

The government however, claimed that there is no increase in crime rate in the federal capital rather they believed crime has decreased up to 35 percent during the 6 months as compared to the corresponding period in the year 2017-18.

Though the ICT police have taken several steps in order to eradicate crime within Islamabad but the results are not satisfactory.

According to the police officials, identification of crime pockets, crime cluster analysis, establishment of pickets, data base (survey of Kachi Abadis), intelligence-based policing, combing/search operations, random checking of guest houses/hotel/motel, general hold-ups (surprise checking), survey of rented accommodation, illegal settlements and deeni madaris, surveillance of suspected elements and monitoring through Safe City cameras are the measures the police have been taking to eradicate the crime. It is to mention here that cameras installed under the Safe City Project have not the potential to get rid of street crime, vehicle-theft, purse-snatching and other crime in Islamabad from inside streets where no such cameras have been installed, cameras are dysfunctional or the cameras are of poor quality.

The Safe City project was established in the federal capital to monitor the important building’s entry/exit points, roads, commercial centres and sizable portion of the city’s residential areas. However, after inauguration of this project, only 1597 cases out of 3672 could be resolved through Safe City cameras, according to the officials.

It is to mention here that ICT police have established a total number of 24 check posts on the major roads and chowks of Islamabad including 8 check posts in high security zone. However, the police have been unable to control crime, the data reveals.