LAHORE  -   Two days before a scheduled meeting of Central Executive Committee of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), a senior leader said that the party has no plan to topple the PTI government. Mr Qamar Zaman Kaira, owever, while talking to reporters, urged the government to mend its ways. He said that protest movements are meant to “correct attitude.” “The upcoming budget [for the financial year 2019-20] may further increase the burden on the common man with inflation,” he said, adding that already several mini-budgets have been introduced by the government.

Mr Kaira said the party members would face the cases against them, and protest would be staged inside and outside of the parliament.

It may be recalled that the PPP CEC among other issues will hold consultations on the All Parties Conference (APC) for anti-government movement while the matter of the former president Asif Ali Zardari’s arrest warrant will also be a part of the meeting’s agenda.

According to sources, PPP will also discuss the federal government’s new fiscal year budget. The PPP leadership will take action against the budget in the meeting.