World Oceans Day is being observed around the globe including Pakistan on Saturday, 08 June to create awareness among people for the sustainable management and conservation of the world’s oceans.

World Ocean Day is a United Nations designated day, celebrated every year globally among maritime community to highlight the importance of safe and healthy oceans.

Healthy oceans contributes to a healthy earth. But our oceans and marine life are under threat: from pollution and overfishing, to name just two of the challenges they face.

The United Nation’s World Oceans Day designated theme this year is "Gender and Oceans". This is to highlight the important role gender equality has to play in ensuring effective conservation of our oceans, seas and marine life.

The day is used to publicise the advancement of gender equality in such ocean-related areas as marine scientific research, migration by sea and human trafficking, and policy-making.

World Oceans Day is being observed today under the theme “Gender and the Oceans.”

Its aim is to enlighten the world community regarding the impact of human actions on oceans and to explore ways and means for their sustainable use and marine resources derived from them.