LAHORE Chief Executive Officer of Foundation for Rehabilitation & Education of Special Children (FRESH) has urged the government to add a separate column for mentally slow learners in the current census, says a press release. FRESH CEO said it is an irony that the children facing learning difficulties have had always been clubbed with the mentally and physically retarded persons in previous censuses, which is wrong. According to her, the counting of persons with learning difficulties have had always made separately in the world. It is only Pakistan where persons with learning difficulties are mixed up with mentally retarded as well as physically handicapped persons. She said one major drawback of this flaw in policy is that issues of the persons with learning difficulties are not taken up seriously by the government policymakers in the planning and budget allocations. Since, no separate counting of children with learning difficulties is ever available in the country, therefore, the government policymakers have seldom thought of establishing schools, training centres and treatment centres for children with learning difficulties.