OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE Chief Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hasan has said the rulers remain totally indifferent and are busy in the distribution of ministries and useless foreign visits, while the nation was shocked and grieved over the Abbotabad tragedy. In a statement here on Saturday, he said the foremost need of the hour was that the civil and military leadership sat together, walked out of the US fear and blackmailing, framed bold foreign and domestic policies keeping in view vital national interests and took concrete decisions for safeguarding countrys borders, independence, honour and dignity. Munawar Hasan said it was tragic that the civil and the military leaderships were putting the blame of the present situation on each other whereas the rulers were changing their statements repeatedly and a common and agreed stance had not come forward. The country, he said, is surrounded by dangers from all sides while the US demands and threats are on the increase. Instead of facing the situation in a dignified manner and devising some new strategy in line with the national interest and peoples aspirations, the civil and military leadership have adopted an apologetic and defeated approach. Syed Munawar Hasan said Pakistan as the front line state in the so called war on terror, had incurred huge losses, its economy had been ruined, thousands of its citizens had been killed, yet the US and the west were expressing distrust in this country which was an open insult to the nation and the country. The Americans are claiming that the Al-Qaida and Taliban leadership is hiding in Pakistan; therefore they will intensify such attacks. Besides, a Bill for discontinuing the US aid to Pakistan has also been moved in the US House of Commons, he added. The JI chief said on the next day of Raymond Daviss release, the drone had attacked a peace Jirga in the northern areas killing s dozens of innocent people. Similarly, after the Abbotabad tragedy, there was another drone attack that killed 18 people, he said. He said it was time for the government and the armed forces to explain whether these were attacks on the countrys sovereignty or not, and also who was responsible for the defence of the people. Munawar Hasan said the nations had to f ace difficult times but only a bold, determined and far-sighted leadership could steer the nation out of difficulties. Although there is a democratic set up in the country, the rulers are taking decision bypassing the parliament. The US dictation is being followed blindly, which has brought the country to the present situation, he said, while stressing that Pakistan must pull out of the so-called war on terror which was actually war against Islam and the Muslims and Pakistan. Efforts must be made to create unity and harmony. On the foreign front, sincere and concrete measures must be taken to get closer to our trusted friend China besides securing the cooperation of Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim states, he advised.