OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The Punjab Bar Council (PbBC) demanded on Friday that political and military leadership of Pakistan should resign for showing negligence in defending the countrys borders and air space during US attack in Abbottabad to kill Osama bin Laden on May 2. In a joint statement, PbBC Vice-Chairman Muhammad Lehrasab Khan Gondal and Executive Committee Chairman Zafar Mehmood Mughal said that the failure of the political and military leadership to defend Pakistans sovereignty had struck mind of every countryman, creating suspicion regarding solidarity and sovereignty of the country which what they believed now appeared to be at the mercy of American. The PbBC asked the leadership of the country to answer the questions relating to the weakness in security and defence of the country and make the facts public so that the people could know who were responsible for the damage caused to the prestige and sanctity of the territorial limits of Pakistan. Condemning the US operation in Pakistan, the PbBC leaders said that political and military leadership would have to tell the nation if there was any secret agreement of the government with the US that emboldened American soldiers to land on Pakistani soil and launch a full-fledged operation. They also regretted that the operation was conducted with gunship helicopters near the Military Academy Kakol and the government of Pakistan was totally silent in this regard. They demanded revising the foreign policy of the country towards the US, saying that it was result of the feeble foreign policy of Pakistan that made it easy for the American soldiers to violate the air space of Pakistan and conduct operation under the nose of the Academy. They said the responsible persons should tender resignation whether it was sitting in government, army or the intelligence agencies because it is a crime against the state and such persons should not be allowed to continue their jobs anymore in the larger interests of the defence of the motherland. They also asked the government to take steps to stop the US drone attacks in Pakistan for saving countless innocent people being killed in such attacks in the name of hitting hideouts of Taliban militants. The only way out to end national humiliation at the hands of America was to put national economy on strong footings so that the beggars bowl could be broken and Pakistan could guard its sovereignty like independent nations, they said. If the political leadership of the country does not take right steps now, it will be too late to save Pakistan from the clutches of its enemies including US which is planning to destabilise the nuclear weapons capable Islamic state only to control its nuclear assets, they concluded.