The Obama administration has seen no evidence Pakistan's government knew Osama bin Laden was living in that country before his killing last week by U.S. forces, the U.S. national security adviser said on Sunday. "I can tell you directly that -- I've not seen evidence that would tell us that the political, the military, or the intelligence leadership had foreknowledge -- of bin Laden," Tom Donilon told NBC's "Meet the Press" when asked if Pakistan was guilty of harboring the al Qaeda leader. But he added bin Laden's residence for several years inside a compound in Abbottabad, 35 miles north of Islamabad, "needs to be investigated. "The Pakistanis have said they're going to investigate," Donilon said. "This is a very big issue in Pakistan right now. How could this have happened in Pakistan? We need to investigate it. We need to work with the Pakistanis. And we're pressing the Pakistanis on this investigation." He said Pakistani officials also needed to provide U.S authorities with intelligence they had gathered from the compound where bin Laden was killed, including access to three wives who are in Pakistani custody.