LAHORE Al-Qaeda face Osama Bin Laden who had introduced suicide bombing in Pakistan in mid 90s, blew himself up to avoid capture soon after the US special forces (SEALs) launched the late night raid at a compound in Abbotabad on Monday. It is learnt that his body parts were cut into multiple pieces, as happens in suicide attacks following the bombing, leaving no option for the US forces to simply identify him. A senior Afghan intelligence official, conditioning his identity not to be revealed, said the Americans had planned to nab him alive. But they miscalculated. Osama blew himself up to avoid capture, he said confidently but declined to give further details. According to him, he had frequent contacts with the US special forces involved in the covert operation even before the action. The Americans had to conduct his DNA test that helped them establish his identity. So this is why US President Obama straightforwardly blocked the publication of his photos saying they might act as incitement to additional violence. He (Osama) left himself unrecognisable and this is why the photos are too horrible to be published, counter-terrorism experts believe. The US claim that their forces shot him (Osama) dead is totally false, the sources said, adding in case of gunshot killing the dead was left identifiable no matter how many times he was shot. The Americans claim they shot Osama in the head and chest. So why did not they show his body parts? Counter-terror experts questioned. They say Osama was of the style as he was the man who had introduced suicide bombing phenomenon in Pakistan by directing first-ever suicidal attack on Egyptian embassy in Islamabad in 1995. It was an Egyptian dissident who had rammed an explosive-laden vehicle into the Embassy, experts emphasised. Only the Sri Lankan Tamils had shown this trend to the region before. Osama made a mix of his vision in Arab bravery and Tamil precision. He had begun recruitment from across the globe and he had ordered execution of hundreds of suicide attacks in Pakistan. So in the end, he blew himself up also. Thats why the Americans have nothing in hand to show or to prove that they shot him dead. A suicide bomber explodes into pieces and only the DNA can identify him, experts say. The authorities kept the compound close for several days and opened it to the media later that also raises questions about the authenticity and credibility of the US operation. In November 1995, a suicide bomber had crashed a car loaded with explosives into the Egyptian embassy in Islamabad, killing 14 people including diplomats and injuring 59 others. An Egyptian Muslim militant organisation, el-Gamaa el-Islamiya (Islamic Group), had claimed the responsibility. The deadly attack was carried out months after Pakistan had signed an extradition treaty with Egypt under which dozens of suspected terrorists have been expelled. Egypt national and Al-Qaeda No 2, Ayman al-Zawahiri, had planned that attack in 1994, shortly after aligning himself together with Osama bin Laden.