LAHORE - Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has issued directives to all its licensed satellite TV channels to strictly adhere to the programming mix and terms and conditions of their respective licenses as approved by the Authority and signed by the licensee at the time of award of license, says a press release. The Authority has given deadline of fifteen days to all those who have been persistently contravening to their approved content provisions and in case of further non-compliance PEMRA has chalked out plan to initiate action against the violators as per law. The Authority has time and again took issue of such violations with its stakeholders and also issued them advices, notices or warnings to abide by the specified category and content. However, no coercive action was taken against them as yet because the electronic media industry in Pakistan was in nascent and metamorphosis stage and Authority wanted to make them flourish and address their wrongdoing at their own while applying self-regulation.