PESHAWAR As a result of joining the Federal Government, differences have erupted within the PML-Q, while JUI-F has clearly refused to rejoin the government, which it left some four and half months back. Well-informed sources in the PML-Q said the party had been smoothly working under the provincial leadership, but it saw differences soon when the central leadership announced to join the government at federal level. In reaction, it has also been reported that some office-bearers at district Mardan, Swabi and other areas have expressed grave concerns over the matter saying that it would decline the partys popularity graph, particularly in KP. They said there was no need to join the government adding that it was a decision made by a few, considered not be in favour of the party at all, so it could be termed an unwise act on the part of partys top brass. They said it was clear that despite administering oath to the PML-Q Provincial Chief Ameer Muqam some days back, he was yet to assume charge of his office. They said he was well aware of the fact that provincial chapter of his party was totally against the decision, which according to him had been made in hurry. In order to save the party from further chaos, the general council meeting of the PML-Q Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter is going to take place today (Sunday) in Islamabad, the sources said, adding that in this meeting the apprehensions of those party office-bearers and workers would be removed. And it was expected that Ameer Muqam, who is now Federal Minister for Production would get all the matter resolved amicably. The sources said that PML-Q Provincial President Ameer Muqam has made it clear to the central command of the party that in case the general council did not agree with, then, he would be left with option no other than to resign from the ministry in the best interest of his partys future. The sources said that it would be a decisive meeting. The central leadership of the party had started canvassing the provincial office bearers of the party to accept the decision of joining the party as according to them it would bear fruit in future, however, despite several attempts of this kind, the concerned quarters have yet be satisfied as so far it has happened an uphill task. Likewise, JUI-F has straight away told PML-Q that it would not become part of the PPP-led government that it had left on December 15 last, sources said, adding that President Asif Ali Zardari had tasked the central command of the Q-League to bring JUI-F back to the fold. In this regard, the sources said that PML-Q had planned to meet with Fazl Rehman soon after his arrival from abroad and persuade him to rejoin the Federal Government. But, before holding of formal meeting, the JUI-F has passed on a message to Q-League leadership that it would be better to leave the matter as it is. The JUI-Q had clearly decided that it would not become part of the Federal Government at all. In this connection, Q League had formally informed PPP leadership about JUI-Fs stance. The sources said that JUI-F intended to launch a massive movement against the government in future. Quoting one of the JUI-F leader as saying that gone are the days when, JUI-F would have been part of the PPP government. The leadership of JUI-F, the sources said, firmly decided that it would never be part of the PPP government in future.