LAHORE - South Asia partnership Pakistan (SAP-PK) organized a national conference titled A Tribute to the Struggle of Women Peasants and Workers in commemoration of Labour Day, says a press release. This was aims to acknowledge and appreciate the struggle of women peasants and agricultural labourers for their rights and highlight the issues facing them. Around 250 peasants and workers from SAP-PK peasant and worker groups, representatives of civil society organisations, journalists from across the country were among the participants. Shabnam Rashid, coordinator from SAP-PK, gave welcome note and briefed the participants about the background of Labour Day. She was critical of the fact that at official and societal level a rural woman is not recognised as woman peasant or worker. Two documentary films one on Hasht Nagar and second on Anjuman Mazareen Tehreek which were based on farmers rights were also demonstrated. Shabana Naz from Aurat Foundation appreciated the initiative to pay tribute to women peasants and workers.