ISLAMABAD - Pakistans political and military leadership on Saturday agreed to adopt a cohesive policy to the stunning US special raid killing Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad on May 2 and evolved comprehensive strategy to tackle the emerging US-related challenges. According to a brief official statement, President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani and Chief of the Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani during the meeting held at the Presidency took cognisance of the present situation in its totality. The Prime Minister also briefed the President about his France visit, the statement said. However other sources privy to these developments said that troika meeting also decided to take the Parliament on board with a view to make concrete recommendations for formulation of new policy to tackle new challenges. It was decided that Prime Minister Gilani would make a policy statement in the National Assembly on May 9 that would lead to in-depth house debate on these issues. The meeting also decided to cut number of US forces stationed in Pakistan. The troika after two hours deliberations over the situation arising out of the unilateral US operation in Abbottabad, which breached sovereignty of Pakistan, reiterated Pakistans warning to the US and other countries of serious consequences of any such action in future. Army Chief Kayani also apprised the meeting of the decisions of the recent corpse commanders conference. The meeting, sources said, regretted the manner US launched action in total disregard of the Pakistans sovereignty and urged the international community to refrain from doubting sincerity, commitment of Pakistan and sacrifices it had in war against terror. The troika also warned of tit for tat response in case any neighbouring country tried to launch a US-like operation in Pakistan. The meeting also reviewed the state of US-Pakistan relations. The troika also decided to launch a formal protest with the US over Abbottabad operation. Agencies add: The Prime Minister emphasised during the consultations that the sole criteria for formulating the governments stance was safeguarding Pakistans supreme national interest, by all means, by all state institutions, in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Pakistan, who valued their dignity and honour above all. Following the meeting of the militarys top brass, Kayani had ordered a probe into the intelligence failure of the army and the spy agency, ISI. The findings of this investigation would be handed over to the government, the military chief told the PM and the President. Contributions and sacrifices Pakistan made in the war against terrorism were also discussed, with the Troika vowing that the country is determined to continue fighting terrorists. The three leaders termed disappointing the recent media criticism of Pakistani armed forces, particularly by the western media. The COAS said that army was ready to fight all security challenges facing the country. It was the first meeting between President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani and Army Chief Gen Kayani in the wake of the US raid. Official sources said the civil and military leadership met to discuss the fallout of bin Ladens killing in the US operation, especially the questions being raised about Pakistans failure to detect the Qaeda chief, and to forge a strategy to cope with the situation. The civil and military leadership have already said that the US did not inform Pakistan about the raid that killed bin Laden. They have described the raid as an unauthorised unilateral action and the Army has warned that it will respond if any other such operation is mounted by the US or any other country. The military and political leadership has asked the international community not to doubt the intention and sincerity of Pakistan in war against terrorism and also warned it against any such action in future. The hurriedly-called meeting was held following Prime Minister Gilanis return from France and ahead of President Zardaris tour to Kuwait. Sources said the troika agreed to take the political parties into confidence about the US operation in order to pacify the sentiments of the leadership and the people at large. According to the Presidents House sources, the meeting lasted for more than two hours in which the COAS took on board the President and PM about the decision made during the corps commanders meeting. The political leadership expressed its satisfaction over the decisions made during the meeting and said the democratic government and military leadership would adopt a same policy regarding the killing of OBL so that there was no ambiguity and the nation and friendly countries could be taken into confidence. The sources told that suggestion of forming a commission in this regard also came under discussion. The troika regretted the distrust and non-confidence shown by the US, their unilateral action and violation of countrys ssovereignty, the sources said. Abrar Saeed adds: Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani would take the nation and parliamentarians into confidence on Abbottabad operation tomorrow and would explicitly present his governments point of view on the matter. Soon after his return from France, Prime Minister Gilani has held extensive consultations with the President, the Federal Minister for Defence, State Minister for Foreign Affairs and Chief of Army Staff on the situation arising out of the termination of al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in a covert US operation in Abbottabad. Sources aware of the consultations of Prime Minister said that all of them had expressed their grave concerns over the US operation inside Pakistan and that too without taking them on board. It was also consensus view of all that United States must have taken them on board regarding the covert operation to terminate Osama bin Laden as Pakistan is the frontline state in the international war on terror and in the past most of the high-profile and most wanted al-Qaeda people were either killed by Pakistani law enforcement agencies or they had nabbed them and handed them over to the United States. The situation was comprehensively reviewed in the perspective of Pakistans national security and foreign policy and it was decided that the response on the issue would be made in the light of the deliberations of the Parliament on the issue. The Prime Minister emphasised during these consultations that the sole criteria for formulating governments stance was to safeguard countrys supreme national interest, by all means, by all state institutions, in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Pakistan, who above all value their dignity and honour. The sources further said that it was decided that the matter would be placed before the Parliament for debate and the final policy stand on the matter would be drawn in the light of the discussion on the matter. The parliamentary sources further informed that the Parliamentary Committee on National Security would also be meeting here on Monday and the issue of Osama bin Ladens killing by American commandos would come up for discussion. The sources in the government informed that the future course of action and reaction to the US covert operation deep inside Pakistan for killing of Osama bin Laden and the follow up statements coming from US CIA chief and other top US officials would be made in the light of the deliberations of the Parliament on the issue.