Indian External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna has disfavoured the idea of not engaging Pakistan in talks because of Osama bin Ladens whereabouts at the time he was killed by U.S. forces. Speaking to The Hindu prior to his departure from Singapore after a visit to Malaysia and Singapore, Krishna said: Disengaging Pakistan, because of bin Ladens episode in Pakistan, certainly would not be a very wise move. Emphasising that the world will be much more peaceful when the likes of bin Laden are removed from the scene, he said the issues [in India-Pakistan ties] will have to be played very carefully, cautiously, [given] the fact that Pakistan is our neighbour. Osama bin Laden was the father-figure of international terrorism and links can easily be established between him and the 26/11 terrorist attack on Mumbai. Indeed, Ajmal Kasab was now reported to have made repeated enquiries about how Osama died. Despite such links we will have to deal with them [the Pakistanis] as our neighbours, said Krishna.