WASHINGTON The Obama administration on Saturday released five videos recovered from Osama bin Ladens hideout in Abbottabad that show him making anti-US remarks, condemning capitalism and in the most candid scenes, watching news coverage of himself on television. The videos were the first materials to be released from what a senior American intelligence official described as 'the single largest collection of senior terrorist materials ever. The equipment, which includes hundreds of computer storage devices, hard drives, videos, documents and personal papers, was seized by the US assault team that killed Osama. The administration released the videos in part to promote its intelligence triumph and to try to further diminish Osama bin Ladens legacy and popular appeal. Perhaps the most revealing video shows Osama sitting on the floor in a small room, wrapped in a blanket as he watches news clips about himself on television. The other videos consist of outtakes from Osamas recorded messages to his followers. The official said that in those videos, Osama beard had been dyed black to make him appear younger. The video of him watching television, however, shows him with a mostly white beard. The senior intelligence official said that Osamas concern about his appearance suggested that he was intensely interested in the image he presented to his supporters, and that he was deeply immersed in his efforts of Al-Qaeda. The official described Osama compound as a command-and-control centre for Al-Qaeda, where he said attacks were plotted and where Osama remained deeply involved in the operations of Qaeda lieutenants. Examining all the materials collected at the compound will take some time, the official said, adding, that the priority was to identify any signs of planned attacks.