Sports Desk KARACHI - Former Pakistan Test captain Zaheer Abbas has said that he is ready to be the batting coach of the national team if approached by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). When asked if he would consider taking up a batting coach position within Pakistan, Abbas said: "Well, it's all up to the Pakistan Cricket Board. I've got nothing to do with that," reports BBC. When asked if he was available, the Pakistani batsman said: "Yes." Abbas also highlighted that the current Pakistani coaching staff, which includes Waqar Younis and Aaqib Javed, is too bowler-heavy. "They only need bowlers to coach them? What about the fielding coach? What about the batting coach? What about the departments which we are [not good] in? The bowling has been so good for many many years and we have been producing good fast bowlers. They have doing their work properly but if you take the example of batsmen, they haven't produced any. Only a few can be named, but not many," PakPassion.Net quoted Abbas, as saying. He further expressed his frustration at what he considers a lack of 'staying at the wicket temperament' amongst the current crop of Pakistani batsmen. "I've been watching them, but so far they haven't scored and stayed at the wicket for a long time. You can see their potential while playing Test matches and so on. Nowadays, these guys have been playing T20. If you have been an opening batsman or a number three batsman in ODI matches for 50 overs, then to prove to the world that you are good you have to score centuries," Abbas said. "In a year these players have been playing too many ODIs, tests and T20 matches - in a year they must be playing 10 - 15 matches and many ODIs and T20s," he added.