14 people have been injured in a hand grenade attack in Mangolin area of Lyari, Karachi, Waqt News reported.

According to reports women and children are among the injured. According to police officials the glass of nearby buildings were shattered by the attack.

An eight year old girl has also been injured in a second hand grenade attack in Lyari, according to Waqt News. The attack was launched at Rangi Warra area of Lyari.

The injured have been rushed to nearby hospital. The police and Rangers have surrounded the area and a search operation has been launched.

According to latest reports, three of the injured have been arrested. One of them is Zohaib, who belongs to Aziz Baloch Group. They have been arrested from Civil Hospital.

According to reports, these three were playing with the bomb in the street, when it exploded and injured the passersby.

This is the latest in a series of grenade attacks to jar the port city since the turn of the year. On April 5, three people got injured in a similar attack at Kharadar Bazaar of Karachi.

While on March 18, Rangers posts at Moti Mehal, Rashid Minhas Road and Essa Nagri were targeted by unidentified bikers. Two Rangers personnel were injured in the attacks.

Nine people were injured in a grenade attack on January 16 in Lyari. On February 12 coordinated attacks were launched in the areas of North Nazimabad, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town and Liaqutabad Town, with one policeman being injured.

A large scale Rangers operation has been underway in Karachi against militants, banned organizations and militant wings of political parties. Since the inception of the operation the rate of target killing incidents and extortionist has decreased. Elements involved in the city’s gang war have been killed and arrested by the security agencies.