ISLAMABAD - Aamir Nawab Group has clean-swept Swabi District Cricket Association (SDCA) elections, as they grabbed all the available 12 votes, while his opponent group, backed by PCB governing body member Shakil Shaikh, failed to get even a single vote.

Talking to The Nation on Saturday, Aamir Nawab said his panel thrashed the opponents and recorded a historic victory. “This election is a victory of truth and justice. Despite a huge involvement by PCB employees and others, the opponents failed to land even a single vote. Now my panel has won four districts out of seven, while scrutiny of clubs in Upper Dir would be held after these elections and Manshera and Haripur District elections would be held in next 15 to 20 days.

“After the completion of district elections, the regional elections would be held. By the support of cricket-loving members of four district cricket associations, we have managed to win. We have also defeated the opponents in their strong hold of Mardan, where they were making tall claims of victory, but by the grace of Almighty, we won the Mardan district elections 12-11,” he added.

Aamir said: “Pressure tactics were used against our voters, as the PCB governing body member was in constant contact with them on mobile and a PCB coach was highly active and trying to pave way in their favour and used dirty tricks and even one Mardan member Madad Khan was arrested by the police on fake charges, but even then, we managed to beat our opponents. Now we would also beat them in the remaining three districts. I want to make it clear to the PCB that it must stop their hired persons and employees from interfering in the elections or else, we will not only stage protests, but also provide evidences of governing board members telephonic conversation and take them to the court of law.”

He said that these persons had destroyed cricket in their regions and a number of deserving players were denied a chance to represent region or even at district level. “We will not tolerate these injustices. The districts have shown full confidence in my panel and it is my responsibility to protect the rights of the region in general and players in particular. The PCB-backed people have tried to hijack the rights of our districts and region, but now these elements have been badly defeated. The PCB must open their eyes and should refrain their paid persons from further destroying this game.”

He asserted: “I think this defeat is more than enough for the self-proclaimed champions of cricket, who can’t make their house in order, but are trying their level best to interfere in other regions. Like past, when I was the regional president and member of PCB governing body, I would safeguard the interest of my region and district players.”

When asked whether he would be a candidate for the regional president, Aamir said: “No, I would not contest elections, but would file a suitable candidate after consulting my friends and members. One thing is quite sure, we will not take office for personal promotion, but for the betterment of our region and players. In the past, I had inducted a lot of players at regional and district level and also provided players for the national team. My aim and goal is same and I will work hard for the betterment of cricket and will do my level best to help Pakistan cricket in a best possible manner,” Aamir concluded.