KARACHI - Chief Justice of Pakistan Anwar Zaheer Jamali yesterday cautioned that culture of levelling allegations against each other was flourishing in the country, but nobody was ready to discharge his obligations.

Addressing a seminar, he said details of fundamental rights were enshrined in the Constitution, so no law contrary to them could be enacted in the country. He held that legislation, executive and judiciary needed to play their due roles. The foremost thing for independence of judiciary was that every person should do his duty. The responsibility for implementing law was not only of the judiciary, but also of the entire society.

He remarked, “It has been observed that the way elite class of the society and politicians of the country go abroad for treatment of even ordinary ailments, we too take advantage of legal and judicial system of other countries for resolution of our specific issues. This is not a bad thing, but the need is that we should find solution to these problems at local level, keeping in view our specific circumstances,” he stressed.

“The culture of levelling allegations against each other is thriving in the country. Everyone talks of rights, but nobody is ready to discharges his obligations,” he said.

He regretted that 27 years had passed, but Urdu had not so far been implemented as official language. “Our national language is Urdu and its implementation is a must. We want to implement our national language in the country, but still we are unaware of our language,” he added.

“We will have to change our judicial system into Urdu as soon as possible because education of law is imparted in respective national languages all over the world,” he held.

He observed that we will have to focus on population of the country first of all for the sake of development which has surpassed 190 million. Positive mind and positive discussion yield positive results, he added. But it is tragedy of the country that we could not evolve consensus mechanism on basic and vital issues owing to negative thinking, he remarked.