Rawalpindi - Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) leader Syed Zahid Kazmi said yesterday that people of Pakistan are committing suicide or killing their children because of poverty and unemployment while the government officials and politicians are busy plundering national kitty.

“If the National Accountability Bureau can recover very huge amount of money and gold ornaments from the house of Balochistan Secretary Finance Mushtaq Ahmed Raisani then, a similar operation in Punjab and Sindh will unveil more looters of public money,” he said. He added that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should announce his assets instead of addressing public gatherings in fully-air-conditioned halls in a bid to befool the countrymen.

“PM Nawaz Sharif should present himself for accountability. The PTI will continue its struggle for an impartial and good system in Pakistan,” he said while addressing PTI workers here at Tahli Mohri on Saturday.

He said the corrupt have hollowed the roots of the country.

He said that Pakistan is facing an internal danger because of corrupt and dishonest leaders, politicians and secretaries.

“PTI has its very clear and strong stance that the looters and corrupt mafia should be held accountable without any favour,” he said.

Coming down hard on PML-N leadership, Kazmi said that no international investor would like to invest his/her money in a country where leaders, bureaucrats, politicians and parliamentarians have hid their billions of rupees in offshore companies. The PTI leader said that party chief Imran Khan is on a mission to save Pakistan from dacoits, gangsters and looters and the whole nation is with him in this noble cause.

Kazmi said that the corrupt leaders like Dr Asim Hussain, Sharjeel Memon and Awais Muzafar Tappi are being treated like VIPs in hospitals whereas poor people are dying in hospitals because of shortage of medicines and other medical equipment.