islamabad-Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) has completely failed to inaugurate any housing society for the federal government employees during the last five years.

The foundation is currently working on the projects including Housing Scheme Phase-VI, (Bara Kahu), Housing Scheme Phase-VI, (F-14/F-15), Housing Scheme Phase-VIII (Thallian), Housing Scheme Phase-IX (EHFPRO) and Housing Scheme Phase-X (Park Road) but these projects have not yet been completed despite work being done since many years.

The mandate of FGEHF is to provide shelter to the homeless federal government employees and other specified groups on No Profit No Loss basis. The first project was to develop Sector F-14, F-15, allotments were made, the award for development of the project was given to FWO and most of the land was transferred from the locals to the foundation.

However, the project was working smoothly but due to the interference of Islamabad High Court the allotment in Sector F-14 was cancelled and the foundation went into intra court appeal where the hearings are ongoing. Another project of the foundation was in Housing Scheme Phase-VIII (Thallian), a joint venture with the private sector. It is pertinent to mention here that in federal government only FGEHF has the mandate to enter into joint ventures with the private sector.

Again the Public Accounts Committee took notice and halted the project. That project had main access from motorway but due to failure to pay for land acquisition, the project is at standstill.

Housing Scheme Phase VI in Bara Kahu, since 2009, suffered from the chronic issue of Right of Way to the society. 

Angoori road, the only road to connect society with the main road is only 12 feet wide and is insufficient to cater to the traffic flow. Now the foundation has acquired more land from the locals. Another project is of Green Enclave II, Tehsil Murree, where it has bought land for Rs 400,000 per kanal.

When contacted FGEHF official said the foundation had launched new projects and residential schemes in Bara Kahu, sector F-14 and apartment in G-13, the progress work is slow but it is mainly due to inquiries, land acquisition, notices of Public Accounts Committee, cases pending in courts. He said the foundation is primarily focused on government employees as they give their lives to the government and many of them are denied their own home due to limited resources.

Giving details of the housing projects, he said that Housing Foundation started the membership drive for the registration of federal government employees in 2009 when the members were registered on the basis of “first come first serve” and it ended in February, 2014, in which almost 36000 employees got registered.

In addition, around 100,000 federal employees got registered themselves in membership drive-II which started on the basis of `age-wise seniority` in April, 2015 and closed in July, 2017.He said that in Bara Kahu there were 36000 registered applicants against the total number of 3268 plots while 32000 consent letters and 2415 provisional offer letters had been issued. In sectors F-14/F-15, he said that 36000 applicants in Cat-I, II and Ill) received against 7201 plots while 6200 consent letters and 4700 provisional offer letters had been issued, he added.

He said that in Thallian as many as 98000 applications received by the authority against 9104 plots and 5460 consent letters had been issued. In Housing Scheme Phase-IX (EHFPRO), he said that there were total 3500 applicants against 2222 apartments while 2200 consent letters and 1100 provisional offer letters have been issued.

The official said that in Park Road Housing Scheme, the Foundation had received 93000 applications against the 2345 plots while 1000 consent letters had been issued.