SHEIKHUPURA-The plunderers of national exchequer should be penalized publicly and the public money they looted should be recovered from them as a matter of principle.

These views were expressed by Syed Anwar Aleemi, advocate, chairman of Human Rights International-Hri (GLOBAL) during a media talk here the other day. He said that these elements should not be allowed to address public meetings. He demanded that Supreme Court of Pakistan should probe the relationship of political mafias with terrorists, gangsters, street criminals, murderers, dacoits and target killers in the country as well as their affiliations with international groups of extremists who had been continuously disturbing world's peace and tranquillity.

Mr Aleemi added that in the name of democracy, the worst form of dictatorship prevailed all over the country. He demanded that an interim government should be established by Supreme Court of Pakistan for at least five years comprising experts from all walks of life for rectification of the prevailing deteriorated society of Pakistan.

"Mere fake and fictitious democratic set-up should be eliminated. The old fashioned democracy should go now forever, in case we are sincere in establishing real democracy in Pakistan" Mr Aleemi emphasized. He said that the entire country should be converted into 30 administrative provinces consisting of 10 million Pakistani nationals each setting aside the present provincial division based on languages, territories and feudalism. In this regard, necessary amendments in The Constitution of Pakistan may be made or such amendments may also be made through Presidential Ordinance. "It will help resolve the public issues at grass-root level," he maintained. He stressed that Pakistan would reach the heights of prosperity if presidential form of government is introduced in the country.