LAHORE :Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Immigration arrested three passengers over various charges at Allama Iqbal Airport on Monday. According to an FIA spokesman, a passenger Babar Hussain of Mansehra arrived from Dubai and presented his Exit Passport (EP) for immigration clearance. The reason for deportation was  mentioned as the illegal immigrant. As per passenger details,

he went to Muscat on work visa from Lahore airport on October16,2015. In October 2017, he went to Dubai illegally without

traveling documents with the connivance of an agent.

 Another passenger, Zafar Nawaz, arrived by flight No QR- 620 from Muscat on the EP with the reason illegal immigrant

surrender in the embassy. As per details, passenger traveled  to Dubai on a visit visa in the year 2016. From there, he

traveled to Muscat through border crossing.

 Another passenger Umair Ahmad  traveled to Kenya by flight No WY342. During immigration clearance, his particulars

got hit in black list category. Reason for black list was  stated to be illegal entry/deported from Bucharest.

 The passengers  sent to Anti-Human Trafficking Circle (AHTC) for legal action.

 Further investigation is under way.