LAHORE    -    Baluchistan Football Association (BFA) Secretary General Saeed Khan Taqqo has shown complete surprise over the letter issued by Farasat Ali according to which a new General Secretary has been appointed in Baluchistan FA.

“I am completely surprised to know that Farasat Ali, the close relative of Ashfaque Hussain and acting general secretary of PFF, came into existence through the elections held under court orders has issued a letter to replace me. Ashfaque Hussain and Farasat Ali are completely unaware of the PFF Statutes.  If fact, they don’t bother much about the statutes,” Taqqo said. 

The letter issued by Farasat Ali says that a new General Secretary of Baluchistan FA is being appointed on the recommendations of members from Baluchistan. “I, the general secretary of Baluchistan, does not know who are the members who have made such recommendation, and who are they to recommend. They are making mockery of the PFF Statutes, even if the members from Baluchistan for PFF EXCO were genuine, under which law they have made such recommendation,” Saeed added.

Meanwhile, Baluchistan FA president Abdul Rauf Notezai has endorsed the statement of Saeed Taqqo and said: “Ashfaq Hussain and Farasat Ali, both the close relatives of Zahir Ali Shah, have no idea what the PFF Statutes actually state. Only the provincial president, in this case, can change or appoint a new general secretary of the Baluchistan FA according to the statutes,” Notezai said.