ISLAMABAD - With start of holy month of Ramazan, a large number of professional beggars captured the roads and markets of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and having a roaring business.

Mostly women carrying infants in their laps, old age people and children are seen begging in the busy shopping areas like Abpara, super, Jinnah super, Karachi company , commercial market and Saddar which irritates the visitors but administration seems failed to purge the issue.

Qadir Shah, who is a lecturer, said that professional beggars created inconvenience for commuters and also caused hurdles for vehicular traffic, but authorities seemed failed to take an effective action to purge the issue.

He added that professional beggars could be witnessed everywhere especially in Ramadan but shopping areas mosques and traffic signals ware amongst the choicest business locations for them.

He urged citizens to play their role to discourage these professional beggars and give charities to those who truly deserve their help.

Due to these professional beggars, the real deserving poor people remains deprived, he said.

Amina Ahmed a working woman was of the view that groups of professional beggars had occupied main traffic signals of the city and irritating the road users by thronging at vehicles asking for alms.

She added that grabbing money from the people was the sole purpose of these beggars and many time they emotionally blackmail the peoples.

Rehana Parveen who is a journalist said that Professional beggary was becoming a social menace and many beggars including physically fit men, women and children were turning towards this profession considering it a profitable business.

She added that women carrying infants in their laps and people with bandaged limbs exhibiting different disabilities were the most common tactics of these professional beggars to attain the sympathies of the people and get more and more alms.

She added, “I do not discourage charity but we should look around and try to reach the real deserving people around us”.