LAHORE    -    Justice (r) Fazal-e-Miran Chauhan, a member of Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) independent panel of adjudicators, has set aside elections of presidents District Cricket Association, Turbat and Regional Cricket Association, Quetta, while ordering fresh elections.

The independent adjudicator’s decision came following the conclusion of multiple hearings of an appeal filed on February 13, 2019 under Article 37 of the PCB Constitution and means the election of Shah Dost, first as President of the District Cricket Association, Turbat, and then his subsequent election as Regional Cricket Association, Quetta, President, has been declared null and void.

Resultantly, and as per Article 10(2) of the PCB Constitution, Shah Dost has now been de-notified as a member of the PCB Board of Governors, said PCB spokesman here on Thursday.

Justice (r) Fazal-e-Miran Chauhan announced the decision after it was established that Shah Dost was not eligible to contest elections of President of District Cricket Association, Turbat, held in August 2017, as he was then a government employee with Fisheries Department, Quetta. “Shah Dost’s employment with the Fisheries Department, Quetta, at the material times, was established by the evidence presented by the appellant,” he said.