KARACHI - Sindh government has extended the period of the Provincial Malaria Control Programme for the next three years till 2012 with estimated cost of Rs471.789 million. According to officials, the project was originally approved by PDWP in September 2006 with a cost of Rs152.185 million for the period ended on June 30, 2009 against an expenditure of Rs129.172 million which had been incurred. However, the revised project was prepared with an estimated cost of Rs491.082 million for the period extended for next 3 years ending June 30, 2012 was considered and recommended by the technical committee in its meeting held on September 1, 2009, which had been further modified at a reduced cost of Rs471.789 million, official said. Telling the implementation procedure on project, the official said that with the proposed phasing of 3 years, a sum of Rs115.573 million would be required in the current financial year whereas Rs20 million were allocated in the ADP 2009-2010, so that the availability of the additional amount of Rs95.573 million in the current financial year. However, the proposed investment in all the major areas of Malaria Control Programme like medicines, equipment, consumables, reagents and drugs were proposed to be financed from the provincial exchequer, which was to be justified, while with the financial provisions to be thoroughly reviewed in the light of comments offered in the working paper, the PC-I was to be comprehensively documented, he maintained. It is further proposed that the possibility of operational and financial support from district governments should also be expeditiously pursued and that the investment from provincial exchequer may not be duplicated in the interventions of financial sharing. He further said that the Project Steering Committee would be constituted wherein the detailed implementation plan along with cash plans on annual basis were to be deliberated upon to be followed by execution process accordingly. He said that initially a sum of Rs60 million was allocated in the proposed ADP 2009-2010 for the scheme, which was subsequently reduced to Rs20 million due to financial requirement of other priority projects. It has been agreed that support from the respective district governments would be explored and with the investment duplication avoided, the implementation plan would accordingly be tabled before the Programme Steering Committee, proposed to be constituted under the chairmanship of Secretary, Health Department, for approval of prior execution process. However, in the light of comments offered in the working paper, the PC-I would be comprehensively documented with cost rationalized. Moreover, the essentiality of proposed financial provision for programme monitoring was to be thoroughly reviewed and ascertained in specific, with the provision of 1 per cent earmarked for third party monitoring, official said.