A suicide bomber apparently targeting an anti-Taliban UC Nazim struck a crowded market Sunday in northwest Pakistan, killing the UC Nazim and 11 other people and injuring dozens, police said . The bomber also wounded 36 people outside a property of UC Nazim Abdul Malik on the outskirts of the northwest city troubled by Islamist militancy. Malik, one of a number of city UC Nazim, had raised a militia against Taliban rebels. "The suicide bomber came in a car and exploded it when the UC Nazim was standing with some visitors outside his guesthouse near the local livestock market," district administration chief Sahibzada Anis told media. "Eleven people have been killed and 36 others wounded. Nine of them are in a critical condition," Anis added. Hospital officials said that two children were among the dead. Malik, UC Nazim of Adizai suburb on Peshawar's outskirts since 2006, once had close links to the hardline Taliban movement, but switched sides and had raised a local force to battle the Islamist extremists on the fringes of the city. "Abdul Malik and a commander of the local anti-Taliban force are also among the dead," Peshawar police chief Liaqat Ali Khan told media. "Malik passed away on the way to hospital." An AFP reporter at the scene described the roads littered with the wreckage of cars and the corpses of cattle killed at the livestock market.