LAHORE - The 13th Balijee Bridge Championship moves into the third round at the Lahore Gymkhana bridge tables and while the team event commenced at 3 pm yesterday and will be contested on Sunday and Monday to decide the champions for this year. The Pairs Event came to a conclusion at around 1.30 pm on Saturday after three sessions and 78 boards with the ultimate winners Gulzar Bilal and Tahir Masood of Karachi providing moments that were brilliance enriched. Certainly during the pairs event, their consistency has taken them to this elevated level, the secret of their durability being focus and a perfect combination. All through the Pairs Event, the fight for the top slot has been filled with awesome moves by combinations like Javed Khalid, Rashidul Ghazi, Hassan Askari, Rashid Jaffer but no matter how well they combined the spins from the table of the winners was always like a 'doosra in cricket, deceptive but awe-striking. Quite a few other combinations may not have made it to the top, yet they had a lot of fun and do not have any regrets about losing. The top 15 positions are: Bilal & Tahir 184.00 Javed & Rashidul 170.92 Hasan & Rashid 167.15 Khalique & Nasir 166.69 Ahsan & Nauman 166.16 Parvez & Tariq 164.69 Farrukh & Junaid 164.62 A Shauq & Fehmina 164.23 Hamed & Tony 163.84 Izzat & Jehangir 161.85 Umar & Uzair 161.38 Ghulam & Tariq 161.00 Arfa & Shoaib 160.69 Ghias & S A Naiyer 159.38 Naeem & Siddiq 158.62 The team event kicked off at 3 pm on Saturday and amongst the 24 teams contesting, playing members of at least 10 teams have international exposure who will be flaunting their skills over the next two days. With steady nerves, master artists like Javed Khalid, Rashidul Ghazi, Tahir Masood, Javed Miran, Pervez Mirza, Tariq Rasheed Khan, Sarfaraz Khan, Gulzar Bilal, Rashid Jafar and Hasan Askari will be restoring enough competitive life to this championship, to show case it with fills of excellence in play. Fireworks are also expected from players like Ahsan Qureshi, Nauman Butt, Malik Ghias, Arshad, Fehmina S Hussain, Shauq Hussain, Masood Mazhar, Tahir Abbas Mirza, Hamid Mohiuddin and Asfandiyar Shauq. All of them have ability to produce forceful play and make the opposition just a little less functional, depriving it of success. The organising team at this championship has been simply great with Ihsan Qadir, Sarfraz Butt, Ameer Hussain and Mohammed Asif Sheikh in full control.