ISLAMABAD - The Directorate of Emergency and Disaster Management personnel of CDA conducted a fire drill and mock rescue exercise here on Saturday. The successful mock exercise was conducted on very small scale by the CDA and no other civic departments participated in the adventure, as it was just a fire extinguish drill and a rescue exercise that included to rescue trapped people from the troubled place and provide them first aid on the spot. All three units, fire rescuers; Urban Search and Security Rescue wing and medics team participated to assess their preparedness in handling emergency in the aftermath of a terrorist attack or natural calamity. The exercise on Saturday focused primarily on fire fighting techniques, particularly the swift and effective use of fire equipment and methods to rescue the trapped victims. In mock exercise live scene of fire was created at the top floor of Saudi-Pak Tower, when fire alarm went off at 1:30pm. In-house security men trained in fire prevention techniques, demonstrated a few techniques to battle the blaze resulting from various sources, including electrical short circuit and those involving inflammable substances and waste items. State-of-the-art sky lift, Bronto Skylift F-68, was used in the fire drill, rescuers showed how it could be used to rescue trapped victims from top floors. Mock drill was carried out under the supervision of the CDA Chairman. Imtiaz Inayat Elahi, who addressing the media men, said that the purpose of holding the mock exercise was to keep the department in a state of preparedness and improve their performance and capacity building. However, he admitted that in case of Marriott Hotel deadly attack they failed to evacuate people from fourth floor, adding after that tragic incident it was decided to revamp CDA fire and emergency services. Imtiaz Elahi said latest equipment including two 60 meters Bronto Skylift and two 29 feet fire tenders have been added to the Directorate of Emergency and Disaster Management. He said Swedish experts impart training to newly set up Urban Search and Security Rescue (wing), which also took part in rescue operation at the site of devastating bomb blast Peoples Mandi, Peshawar.