ONCE upon a time Heather Swan was a so-called 'safe corporate mother. Then the boardroom executive reached her 40s - and decided it was time for a change and a quite radical one at that because Heather is now a world-record holding base-jumper. These heart-stopping pictures show how the 47-year-old Australian made a gruelling 23-hour climb up colossal 6,672m Mt Meru in Tanzania - and then threw herself off wearing a 'wingsuit. Wingsuits are specially adapted bodywear for skydivers and base-jumpers. Flaps of material running across the gaps between arms and legs increase drag for jumpers and allow them to glide like a flying squirrel. The May 2006 Mt. Meru base-climb - a combination of mountaineering and base-jumping - cemented Heathers transition from boardroom executive to world record holding daredevil. She and husband Glen Singleman had smashed a previous record set in 1999 for highest ever base-jump. But the determined Australian duo were only able to complete their daring feat after earlier attempts on different peaks were thwarted by atrocious high-altitude weather and world events, such as when 9/11 collided with their 2001 attempt to set the new record. In her incredible new book the 47-year-old wonder woman - one half of the only husband and wife base-jumping team on the planet - tells the breathtaking story of how she transformed from businesswoman to adrenaline junkie. Daily Mail Heathers life was turned upside down when she married adventure-loving hubby Glen Singleman, 51, in 1998. A medical doctor at Sydney hospital, Glen lived a double life between working on the wards and throwing himself at the great outdoors in every way he could after hours. But a year after biting her nails at home with the children while he took off in small planes and jumped out of them wearing a parachute, she finally decided to try herself. 'Id never done anything like jumping out of a plane, or even thought about it, said Heather. 'Id never even been camping. ' 'My first jump was not until a year after we married and I found it terrifying. Before then Id been just a safe corporate mum working hard at my desk and chatting at the watercooler. Changing her life completely, Heather, from Sydney, soon found she was hooked on the thrills of her new life. Six years after her first skydive, she began base-jumping in 2005. 'It took me a long time to conquer a natural inhibition of throwing myself off mountains, she said. 'Somehow base-jumping seemed more real and more dangerous than a skydive. 'Plus youve the added danger of plummeting next to a jagged cliff face. But sheer determination and hard training in the male-dominated world of extreme sports saw her overcome her fears. She even had to battle horrific injuries and spent days laid up in hospital. 'I was badly injured in a bungee jumping accident and perforated my small intestine, she said. 'I spent a number of weeks in hospital in Invercargill in New Zealand and then four months recovering back at home in Sydney. Even so, she reckons her new life taking part in eye-blistering world record attempts is less mentally gruelling than the office or parenting. Heather, who left her corporate management job to become a full-time daredevil and author, said: 'The world record was the hardest thing Ive probably ever done. Mind you its not as tough as being a mum of four. I find myself going base jumping just to relieve the stress sometimes. 'Looking back I realise going to a board meeting was more stressful than jumping from a plane. 'Now I have the training I need, I actually find its a good way to let off steam. Some people do yoga, I jump out of a plane. Thats my idea of relaxing now. Heathers jaw-dropping story No Ceiling was published in Australia in August and she is now waiting to make a deal with a UK publisher. She also tours as a motivational speaker, urging women that anything is possible with determination. The fearless couples highest base altitude record from their incredible Mt Meru jump still stands. It is also the world record for the highest ever wingsuit base-jump. Daily Mail