KARACHI - The Jeay Sindh Qaumi Muhaz (JSQM), a nationalist party of Sindh, on Saturday took out a rally for creation of 'Sindhu Desh as a separate country and termed that the Pakistan has not served the interests of Sindh. The rally started from Mazar-e-Quaid to Tibet Centre on MA Jinnah road, where it turned into a huge gathering. However, the delegations of other nationalist parties Sindh Awami Tehreek, Sindh Tarqi Passand Party and Sindh Qaum Parast Party, which were striving for implementation on 1940 Resolution also participated in the rally. Addressing the rally, JSQM chairman Bashir Khan Qureshi said that out of total national exchequer of Rs1,600 billion, Rs1,200 billion had been generated from Sindh annually, while Sindh contributes 70 per cent in oil and 65 per cent in gas production of country. Despite having sufficient reserves of natural resources, port and other strategic benefits, the people of Sindh are living below poverty lines. All these resources of Sindh are being used by the Centre and other provinces, he added. He claimed that Sindhs share of water has already been curtailed by the Centre, resulting in drought-like situation in the province, however a huge portion of agricultural land have also been turned into desert and saline. Queshi further said that the lands, industries, port, jobs, national resources and tax income of Sindh were under illegal grab of the Centre, while the influx of the outsiders had also increased. He termed that present mechanism of the country doesnt provide any solution to the miseries of the people of the Sindh. Besides, General Secretary of JSQM, Dr Safdar Sarki, who has also American citizenship, said that international community should come here and see the sentiments and desires of the Sindhi people regarding miseries and problems faced by them.