ISLAMABAD - All chapters of Khawateen Mahaz-e-Amal or Women Action Forum (WAF) have expressed outrage at PML-N MNA Khawaja Asifs outburst against women MNAs on special seats, as he labeled them holder of khairati (charity) seats during the National Assembly session on November 5, says a press release. In a press statement issued on Saturday, the WAF termed his remarks the latest attack on women parliamentarians reflecting the continuity of undemocratic behaviour by a parliamentarian colleague. Khawaja Asif had made the statement with reference to a woman MNA. In its statement, WAF demanded of Khwaja Asif to apologise on the floor of the House. The statement further said, His political party should initiate strict disciplinary proceedings against him, as he blatantly flouted his party manifesto and the Constitution of Pakistan. His constituency should be informed of his prejudice against women and lack of respect for the Parliament, so that next time they might choose a better candidate to represent them. It further said, We remind the unparliamentary MNA that these reserved seats are the result of a long hard struggle by our grandmothers, mothers and ourselves. They have not been gifted as khairat (charity) by any government. It has not been an easy journey, and we are justifiably proud of the 33pc-reserved seats in the local government tiers, and the 17pc seats in the Parliament and the provincial legislatures. In fact, it is our longstanding demand that they (the seats) be increased to 33pc and through a direct election modality. This demand for womens greater representation is reinforced by two recent research studies, which demonstrate that on the whole, women legislators have performed commendably well in the Parliament. There can be no justification for such insulting and humiliating language and behaviour towards women legislators from any colleague. This is an insult to all the women of Pakistan and also to the millions of men who respect women as human beings and equal citizens. Khwaja Asif must proffer an unconditional apology, not only to the concerned woman MNA, but also to the entire Parliament and to the people of Pakistan, especially women.